About us

Our story begins on 02 January 1986. In my bike shop just about everyhthing seemed to be dead. So I decided to take the chance for a longlived dream to built an own cutaway model. With the Minarelli P6 engine I set out on a long journey. And it became my first treasure which was soon after used in different trade schools in our area.

Projects with different noted companies such as STIHL (powersaws) or HONDA (cycles) were the first big challenges. In 1988 I got some people to work with me and we presented our work at international fairs (IKK / GAFA / IFMA) for the first time. And so the story continued...

In 1990 we started our first projects series. By now we were working with a considerable number of customers, which provide us with many challenges.

Our products range from a hand-sized hydraulic part to the cross section of car engines and even to a 500 kg electron microscope (Max-Plank-Institut). Whether it´s an antique car or the latest innovation doesn´t make a different to us - we´ll do the job carefully and with passion!

The planning and manufactoring of every object express my gratefulness toward Jesus Christ, who gave me this special gift of creativity in this area. The personal condition shapes my understanding of quality and care to your benefit as my customer.


  1. We want to relieve you - so that you can focus on more important things. The perfect model should be our problem.
  2. It´s our mission to bring out the uniqness, creativity and innovation of your solutions. Let our dedication to quality reflect you understanding of excellence - your customer will be impressed.
  3. The genius of your construction should be presented in the best possible way!
  4. We garantee reliable partnership. That means dependable deadlines and terms of delivery.
  5. Second-Life & Recycling is without a doubt the chance to practice sustainability and resource conservation for products that are already in series production. We have been implementing this strategy in our exhibit pool since the company was founded. In this way, high-quality testimonies of engineering art and product diversity are created from machines that have already been in use for many years. This is where technology becomes "understandable". We walk this path with respect and admiration for God's creation and with a view to future generations. You don't have to reinvent everything, you can maintain and optimize existing technology and processes. Not everything has to be digital and electric.

We offer...

.. the manufactoring of cut away models as well as non-cut-pieces in full service. This includes the planning, production and handling the models themselves, as well as their display and shipping.

Johannes Grau Schnittmodelle

Daimlerstraße 26

73274 Notzingen


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